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We're a collective group with vibrant and eccentric personalities that rattles up this industry. HQ located in Sterling, IL and service the North-Western Illinois/Iowa border region.


Wrap Shock was this idea that unfolded into a specialized commercial wrap company that is known today by Jorge and Paul. We were two individuals with different businesses that wanted to merge together to create a better experience for our current clients but also new ones. Having years of experience in both the vinyl wrap installation and the branding and marketing industry, we knew that we could send a shock into this commercial wrap industry and make it a memorable experience for all. So here we are...


Authentically Refreshing


No one likes a one-sided relationship, which is why we believe in a collaborative partnership as a sounding board for achieving alignment.


Your growth is just as important as ours, which is why we ensure that every project, no matter the size, will contribute to your business's success.


We stay in sync with new technology, software, and advancements in this industry. This enables us to continually exceed your expectations.


Despite our love for the 90's, we prioritize staying current with design trends, ensuring unique exploration of creativity for any industry.

Our four step process

A business without a process is like being stranded in the desert without a compass. But don't worry, we've developed a proven process over the years to keep all parties in check and up to speed on progress. From the moment you choose us, expect prompt communication, clear deadlines, and exceptional quality work.

Phase 1

Consult and Proposal

Our consultations start with understanding your current needs and conducting a high-level audit of your positioning. This enables us to propose options for your long-term growth.

Phase 3

Approval and print

After finalizing the agreed-upon concept and revisions, we will prepare the files for a pre-production check. Following a thorough review, we will proceed with large format printing.

Phase 2

design concept and review

From our agreed proposal, we will start the work and conceptualize recommendations that align with your branding, while also exploring new possibilities to be sent for review.

Phase 4

install and send off

This is the exciting part, as the design is being implemented onto your freshly cleaned vehicle. Once installed, we will notify you via your preferred contact method for pickup. Full send!

Wrap Shock Culture

Why Work With Us

Vibrant Minds

If you couldn't tell by now, we have vibrant personalities that are constantly fueled by passion and energy drinks. We like to keep things fresh and leave negativity at the ex's house.


We want every individual at Wrap Shock to be the very best at what they do. Your growth is important to us, as well as your long-term future. We'll guide and push you to reach your full potential.


Wrap Shock was built through having honest intentions and holding everyone accountable. No one likes working with an @#$ and we certainly avoid having or giving that title out.



We're all about growth, and we're searching for some awesome, creative-minded individuals to come grow with us. Fill out the form below to connect, and we'll be sure to reach out when the perfect opportunity comes knocking.

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